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Baby playing with mini golden  puppies

Our Simple Process to Get Your Mini Goldendoodle

1. Explore Our Puppies

Browse to see our adorable Mini Goldendoodle puppies and fall in love with your new furry friend.

2. Contact Us

Reach out to us via email at or call (931) 952-3500 to inquire about availability and ask any questions.

3. Reserve Your Puppy

Secure your puppy with a $250 deposit. This guarantees your spot and starts the process of bringing your new companion home.

4. Meet Your Puppy

Schedule a visit to meet your puppy in person at 946 McMahan Rd, Bradyville, TN. Experience the joy of connecting with your future family member.

5. Finalize Adoption

Complete the adoption process by arranging for payment and discussing any final details. We’ll provide all necessary health documentation and care tips

6. Take Your Puppy Home

Bring your Mini Goldendoodle home! Enjoy free shipping in Tennessee or arrange for pickup. Get ready for endless love and joyful memories.

Let's embark on this heartwarming journey together. Your perfect Mini Goldendoodle companion is just a click away. Choose your puppy and let the adventure begin!

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