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F1 Mini Goldendoodles

F1 mini goldendoodle paying in the field

What are F1 Mini Goldendoodles?

F1 Mini Goldendoodles are the first-generation offspring resulting from the crossbreeding of a purebred Miniature Poodle and a purebred Golden Retriever. This unique blend combines the desirable traits of both parent breeds, resulting in a charming companion with a friendly disposition and low-shedding coat.

What sets F1 Mini Goldendoodles apart is their unique genetic composition, which results from the deliberate crossbreeding of a purebred Miniature Poodle and a purebred Golden Retriever. This first-generation combination ensures a diverse genetic makeup, inheriting desirable traits from both parent breeds. 

The genetic diversity of F1 Mini Goldendoodles contributes to their distinct characteristics, including coat type, size, temperament, and health. By combining the genetic contributions of two distinct breeds, F1 Mini Goldendoodles exhibit a wide range of traits, making each dog unique.

Their genetic composition also plays a significant role in their hypoallergenic qualities, shedding tendencies, and overall health. This intentional breeding approach aims to produce puppies with the best attributes of both parent breeds, resulting in delightful companions that embody the best of both worlds.

F1 mini goldendoodle playing in the fiels

What do F1 Mini Goldendoodles look like?

F1 Mini Goldendoodles typically exhibit a charming blend of traits from both their Golden Retriever and Poodle parents. They often have a fluffy, wavy or curly coat that can vary in color, including shades of cream, gold, apricot, or red. Their eyes are usually expressive and friendly, while their floppy ears add to their endearing appearance. In terms of size, they are smaller than standard Goldendoodles, usually ranging from around 13 to 20 inches in height at the shoulder and weighing between 15 to 35 pounds when fully grown. Overall, F1 Mini Goldendoodles have an irresistibly adorable and teddy bear-like appearance

F1 mini goldendoodle walking

How big do F1 Mini Goldendoodles get?

F1 Mini Goldendoodles typically reach a height of around 13 to 20 inches at the shoulder when fully grown, weighing between 15 to 35 pounds. While size can vary due to factors like genetics and lifestyle, they're generally smaller than standard Goldendoodles but larger than Toy or Teacup varieties. Ready to learn more or get your own F1 doodle now?

F1 mini goldendoodle resting

How much do F1 Mini Goldendoodles typically cost?

F1 Mini Goldendoodles are highly sought-after, with prices starting at $1,975 from reputable breeders. While cost varies based on preferences like color or gender, prioritize responsible breeders who prioritize health testing and loving care. Your lifelong companion awaits—explore our selection at Willow Hill Doodles and find your perfect furry friend today!

F1b Mini Goldendoodles

F1b mini golden doodle playing

What are F1b Mini Goldendoodles?

F1b Mini Goldendoodles are a popular variation of Doodle dogs, characterized by their unique parentage and desirable traits. The term "F1b" denotes the specific breeding lineage of these charming pups.

Initially, F1 Mini Goldendoodles are the result of crossing a Mini or Toy Poodle with a Golden Retriever, creating a first-generation offspring. However, F1b Mini Goldendoodles are produced when a first-generation Mini Goldendoodle is bred with a purebred small Poodle. In some cases, the other parent may be an English Cream Retriever.

What sets F1b Mini Goldendoodles apart is their genetic composition, inheriting 75% of their genetics from the Mini Poodle and 25% from the Golden Retriever. This genetic makeup differs from the original Goldendoodle, which boasts a 50-50 split between Poodle and Golden Retriever genetics.

One of the primary attractions of F1b Mini Goldendoodles is their potential to inherit the non-shedding qualities of the Poodle, along with the added benefit of a smaller size compared to the F1 Mini Goldendoodle.

F1b min golden doodle playing

What do F1b Mini Goldendoodles look like?

F1b Mini Goldendoodles boast a distinct appearance primarily influenced by their Mini Poodle genetics. Their curly, non-shedding coat, often in the classic Golden Retriever reddish hue, is a hallmark feature.

These charming pups typically weigh between 15 to 25 lbs, smaller than standard Goldendoodles and akin to Miniature Poodles in size. Their floppy ears contribute to their adorable demeanor. Notably, F1b Mini Goldendoodles frequently inherit hypoallergenic traits from their Poodle lineage, making them a favored choice for allergy-sensitive individuals.

F1b mini goldendoodle under the tree

How big will my F1b Mini Goldendoodle get?

Your F1b Mini Goldendoodle is likely to remain relatively small, typically reaching a height of around 13-17 inches. The size of your dog can be influenced by the size of its parents, with smaller parents indicating a higher likelihood of a smaller adult size for your pup.

Many dog owners specifically choose F1b Goldendoodles for their compact size. If you desire a very small dog, consider selecting a female puppy, as females tend to be approximately 1-2 inches shorter and 5 lbs lighter than males in most dog breeds.

Inquiring about the size of previous litters sired by your puppy's parents can provide valuable insight into the potential size of your pup. Remember that size is primarily genetically determined, so if your puppy has half or full siblings, their sizes can offer an indication of what to expect for your pup's eventual size.

F1b mini goldendoodle playing

How much do F1b Mini Goldendoodles cost?

F1b Mini Goldendoodles are highly coveted, with prices typically starting at $1,975 from reputable breeders. Depending on specific preferences such as color or gender, this price may vary.

However, it's essential not to focus solely on price. Responsible breeders who prioritize health testing and provide loving care for their puppies may charge higher fees. Remember, you're investing in a lifelong companion, so consider the breeder's reputation and dedication to ethical breeding practices.

Ready to welcome a furry friend into your home? Choose a responsible breeder who prioritizes the well-being of their puppies. Your future companion awaits! Explore our selection of puppies at Willow Hill Doodles and find the perfect addition to your family today!

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