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Reserve your Puppy with a $250 Deposit

Diego - Mini F1 Male $750

Diego is one of those puppies that jump out from the rest and grab your heart. Delightfully playful and cute are a few words to describe. He welcomes you to come on out and spend a little time with him, should you decide to do so before placing a deposit.

He is slightly smaller than some of his siblings - probably 25 - 30lb as an adult. 

Who are the parents?

My Mom n Pop are Dahlia and Dorito.

What is the total cost?

The total cost is $750. Your depsoit goes toward this total. 

What guarrantees do you offer?

We offer a 7 day "everything" health and 2 yr genetic health guarrantee.

How do I get him to my home?

You are welcomed to come out and meet the puppies in person - or you can use our free delivery service. I (Jeriah) will hand deliver to your door - or anywhere nearby - free of charge. This applies to all addresses within 4 hours one way. 

Only three steps to getting your family a new best friend

Browse through our available puppies and chose one that fits your style

1. Choose a puppy

Be in contact with us to choose a day and time to take home your puppy.

2. Schedule a time

Enjoy a happy healthy Mini Goldendoodle!

3. Enjoy the endless memories

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